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Hey, I am Michelle!

I am a florist/photographer living in the beautiful Canadian prairies. Professionally, I have been working as a florist for the last fourteen years ... wowza!! (Seems just like yesterday that I decided to open a flower shop) In the whole grand scheme of things, I just simply love creating and capturing pretty things, it makes my heart happy and fills my days!! But the real love of my career lies within wedding flowers. 

For years my brides have been taking on designing their wedding centrepieces. (And yes, I know a lot of florists will not take on a wedding without doing all the flowers... but I am all for someone getting creative. As long as you can enjoy the beauty of flowers at your wedding, I think  that is everything!

BUT there have been far too many times where I have chatted with my brides the week of their wedding, or they have come into the studio because something has gone wrong with their plan (or lack of plan), flowers, or just needed to vent the stress out. One day a light bulb flashed when a brides of mine was in tears (the Wednesday before her wedding.) I listened too all that was going wrong ... ALL she needed was some guidance. Everything that was going wrong or that she was stressed about was easily fixed with a lil florist help. And then just like that, her week turned right around. We fixed all the issues ... everything went off without a hitch. I thought as she was in tears, this stuff is all so easy avoidable (from a florist's perspective), but for someone who has little to no experience with weddings or flowers, it can be such a headache, I need to help these brides!!

​I would love to help you along with your wedding flowering! Help bring your vision to life, all while keeping you on track so you can avoid any extra stress or overwhelm (especially the week of your wedding)!

Let's kick some WEDDING FLOWER BUTT!

Welcome to Brides + Flowers! 

Brides + Flowers is a site dedicated to all the DIY brides + wedding flowers. The goal is to help brides as they DIY their wedding flowers, save SOO much time trying to figure ALL the things on you own + avoid any stress and overwhelm that comes with doing your own flowers!

The planning, organizing + prep phase is where most of the work lies. And it is an area that is overlooked and what most brides do not know about as they commit to taking on doing there own wedding flowers.

BUT have no fears, we have your back and will hook you up with all the information, guidelines, tips + tricks, and schedules you need.

​One of our brides sums it up perfectly:

"DIY can be such a great idea, but it can also be stressful and a huge learning curve! Having a florist help with tips and tricks you can’t find online was such a relief. I loved having the option of DIY and a florists help together. Michelle helped me with any questions I had regarding my diy centrepieces. Everything turned out perfect and lasted for days! I don't know what I would have done without this!"

Brides + Flowers currently offers 3 awesome types of floral content to help you with your DIY-ing:

​1) DIY Wedding Flower Guide

​2) DIY Wedding Flower - Hydration + Prep

​3) DIY Week of Guide

... as well as the DIY Wedding Flower box that has all the tools and mechanics you need to create your wedding party flowers!

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